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KPFA Radio’s Africa Today | Dr. Lako Tongun Joins Host, Walter Turner to Discuss Current Events the Republic of South Sudan.

August 22, 2016


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The Republic of South Sudan is a landlocked autonomous region in the Sudanese portion of North East Africa. It’s population of about 12 million people is bordered by Ethiopia to the east, Kenya, Uganda and the DRC to the South and the Central African Republic to the east. Independence for South Sudan was in July 2011. It came out of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Challenges to the new Republic include: decades of underdevelopment in terms of services and infrastructure, long-standing tensions with Sudan, and Sudan’s allies, a series of regional actors and states with their own best interests, conflicting agendas among international powers that in many cases sought to undermine Sudanese self-determination, ethnic tensions that is been fueled by the decades long war, and economic development that was centered on Sudan and extractive industries. There was a Civil War at the end of 2013, a tremendous degree of lives lost, displacement, and political tension. In 2015 a proposal came about to establish a transitional national government and the basis for a partial cease-fire. Dr. Lako Tongun Joins Africa Today to talk about his country of Sudan.

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