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African Elements – Video Essays on African American History and Culture

Welcome to the African Elements Video Essay Section

Discover African American history and culture through video essays

At African Elements, we believe that video essays are a powerful medium for exploring and analyzing African American history and culture. Our videos provide in-depth analysis and commentary on a wide range of topics related to the Black experience in America, from the civil rights movement to current events.

Explore our collection of video essays

Each of our video essays offers a unique perspective on a particular topic or issue related to African American history and culture. Some of our most popular video essays include:

The Black Panther Party: The Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary Movement

Take a deep dive into the history and legacy of the Black Panther Party, and its impact on the fight for racial justice.

How Black Women Contributed to the Civil Rights Movement Despite Inequality

Learn about the often overlooked role of Black women in the civil rights movement, and their contributions to the struggle for equality.

Russia and Black People: Relationship Status – It’s Complicated

Discover the complex history of the relationship between Russia and Black people, and the impact of this history on current events.

Join us in exploring African American history and culture

At African Elements, we are committed to promoting knowledge and understanding of African American history and culture through the medium of video essays. Join us on our journey of exploration and discovery as we learn more about the rich and complex history of Black Americans in America.

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