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Are you looking for the latest Black News and information curated from around the web? At African Elements, our goal is to provide the most relevant news and information possible from the US and the African diaspora. With news articles curated from across the web updated daily, we want to make sure you stay informed of the most important news stories of the day. Check out our website daily for the most up-to-date headlines!

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An African American man speaking into a microphone, with a real-time digital display analyzing his speech in the background, emphasizing the struggles with voice recognition technology in a high-tech environment.

How Voice Tech Fails African American Speakers: A Critical Look

Challenges in Voice Recognition: An African American individual encountering difficulties with speech recognition technology, highlighting the need for improved system ...
Symbolic image depicting a gavel, a broken chain, and a marijuana leaf prominently displayed in the foreground against a blurred background featuring the American flag, representing a significant policy shift towards marijuana legalization and its implications for racial justice.

Unlocking Freedom: Racial Equity Shapes New Cannabis Era

Breaking Chains: A New Dawn in Marijuana Legalization and Racial Justice (NOTE: This image was generated using AI technology by ...
Community members led by Sinegugu Zukulu and Nonhle Mbuthuma protest against Shell's seismic exploration along the Wild Coast of South Africa. The image captures a diverse group, including children and adults, holding banners and signs on a sandy beach with the ocean in the background. The scene emphasizes the community's dedication to protecting marine life and upholding ancestral rights against Shell's oil exploration activities, highlighting the significant role of the Amadiba Crisis Committee and the Sustaining the Wild Coast initiative. This protest is part of the broader Shell lawsuit efforts in 2022.

How the Amadiba Crisis Committee Fought Shell’s Seismic Tests in 2022

Protest Against Shell's Seismic Exploration on the Wild Coast. (AI image generation by DALL-E) Sinegugu Zukulu and Nonhle Mbuthuma: Guardians ...
A photorealistic image generated by DALL·E depicting a courtroom scene with Crystal Mason, a Black woman, seated beside her attorney during a legal hearing. The courtroom is traditional with a judge’s bench, American flags, and other court personnel. Mason looks anxious and holds legal documents, emphasizing the emotional weight and societal implications of her case over voting rights. The setting and expressions convey the deep tension of the legal battle.

Crystal Mason Faces New Legal Hurdle as DA Appeals Acquittal

Courtroom Tension: Crystal Mason's Legal Battle - This cinematic photorealistic image, generated by DALL·E, captures Crystal Mason, a Black woman, ...
A photorealistic depiction of a tragic encounter inside a dimly lit bar, featuring two Caucasian police officers in uniform restraining a middle-aged African American man, Frank Tyson, face-down on the floor. One officer has his knee on Tyson’s upper body. The scene is tense and chaotic with overturned bar stools and bystanders in the background, all under neon bar lighting. This image captures the harrowing intensity of the moment, highlighting the serious themes of police interaction and racial dynamics.

Ohio’s Fatal Restraint: A New Spark for Police Accountability

Tragic Restraint: The Incident at East Canton Bar - A disturbing scene unfolds as Frank Tyson, a 53-year-old Black man, ...
A landscape view of a strategy meeting in a modern conference room in sub-Saharan Africa. The room is equipped with high-tech devices and displays data and maps. Diverse participants, including healthcare leaders, community advocates, and international health experts, are deeply engaged in a discussion about new HIV prevention methods, reflecting a professional and collaborative atmosphere.

New HIV Prevention for Women Launches

Strategic Planning for HIV Prevention: Stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa convene to discuss the rollout of new HIV prevention products, showcasing ...
A night scene depicting a group of African American community activists at a candlelight vigil. The focus is on their expressive faces, showing hope and sadness. They are surrounded by banners with calls for justice. The setting is outdoors under soft street lighting that casts gentle shadows, enhancing the somber atmosphere of the gathering.

Rapper’s Death Sparks Fury in Michigan

Unity in Mourning: Community Vigil for Justice Young Black Rapper Killed by Michigan Police in Parking Lot Pursuit By Darius ...
A photorealistic image showing a Black community affected by industrial pollution. Residents of various ages, including children and elderly, exhibit signs of respiratory distress such as coughing and covering their faces, amidst a backdrop of dense industrial smog and decrepit homes. The setting conveys a somber mood with an overcast sky, emphasizing the ongoing health crisis caused by environmental toxins.

Toxic Legacies: The Persistent Impact of Environmental Racism on Health

Community Under Cloud: The Toll of Industrial Pollution on Health in a Black Neighborhood By Darius Spearman (africanelements) Support African ...
A cinematic photorealistic image depicting broken chains and an unbalanced scale of justice set against a backdrop of historical documents and images from the Civil Rights Movement, symbolizing the historical roots of racial injustice in American policing.

Tracing the Legacy of Racial Bias in American Law Enforcement

Symbolic Representation of Racial Injustice in American Policing: Broken Chains and an Unbalanced Scale of Justice. Discover the enduring fight ...
An older African American man looks contemplative and worried, sitting in a dimly lit room suggestive of a prison environment. His expressive face is the focus, with subtle prison bars in the background, symbolizing the racial disparities and personal toll of the death penalty.

Unveiling Injustice: Racial Disparities in America’s Death Penalty System

Reflections of Injustice: An elder African American man contemplates in a dimly lit prison cell, highlighting the personal impacts of ...
A diverse group of protesters outside the Florida Capitol during sunset, holding signs for civil liberties and police oversight. The golden light of the setting sun highlights the intensity and importance of their advocacy, emphasizing the debate over new police legislation.

How Florida’s Latest Legislation Affects Civilian Oversight of Police

Voices for Justice: Protesters gather at the Florida Capitol to demand enhanced civil liberties and oversight in response to new ...
"A diverse group of female athletes at a press conference, speaking to a crowd of journalists about the impact of media and sponsorship biases on gender pay disparities in sports.

Equal Play, Equal Pay: Tackling Inequality in Professional Sports

Voices for Change: Female Athletes Speak Out on Pay Disparity at a Press Conference Unveiling the Dual Impact of Race ...