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Welcome to African Elements

Explorations in Black and Africana Studies

African Elements explores various topics in Black, African American, and Africana Studies. While the focus will be on the historical, cultural, and socio-political legacy of the African presence in America since the Atlantic Slave Trade, the series will touch on the legacy of colonialism on the African continent as well as the African diaspora on a global scale.

African Elements is intended to provide online content for use in the classroom and to the general public.  Closed captioning is available for all episodes. The video lessons are posted as a playlist consisting of 4 video segments that together comprise the entire episode in order to provide maximum customizability. The playlist may be shared or embedded or users may mix and match segments into custom playlists to meet educational needs. Episodes and segments are free to be shared and embedded on websites and blogs, but may not be redistributed for commercial use.

Comment Guidelines:

African Elements is a website that fosters discussion and understanding of topics relevant to Black and Africana Studies. Comments are welcome, but please make your comments specific and relevant to the blog topic. For general comments on the site or requests for link exchange, please click here to contact me. A variety of viewpoints are welcomed, including SPECIFIC criticism along the lines of “I disagree with your point about …” but non-specific comments or comments that do not foster discussion will not be posted. Trolling, ignorance, and/or spamming comments will be deleted.

For questions or suggestions on how to use the materials on this site, please click here to contact me.

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