.. https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1412208441561657346?s=20 .. https://twitter.com/chris_notcapn/status/1411001402055344130?s=20 .. The Ku Klux Klan (/ˌkuː klʌks ˈklæn, ˌkjuː-/),[b] commonly shortened to the KKK or the Klan, is an American white supremacistterroristhate group whose primary targets are African Americans, Jews, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans[25][26] as well as immigrants, leftists, homosexuals, Catholics, Muslims, and atheists.[27][28][29 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan .. https://twitter.com/dijoni/status/1431363057846943746?s=20 .. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1458970310489874433?s=20 ..…

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