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Randy Cox was left paralyzed following his arrest last month, and video of the incident shows the 36-year-old Black man’s head getting slammed against a police van.

As CBS News reports, Cox’s family is now calling for answers and accountability in his arrest by police in New Haven, Connecticut. Video footage of Cox’s arrest, which happened after officers responded to a weapons complaint, shows that police did not put him in a seat belt in the back of the van he was being transported in. He repeatedly called for help, and at one point the van made a sudden stop that forcefully slammed his head against the back of the vehicle.

Police answered a weapons complaint on June 19, and Cox was arrested following a search. Police claim that Cox is an ex-felon who was in possession of a firearm illegally. Authorities said Officer Oscar Diaz was speeding and stopped quickly to avoid an accident. “Help! I can’t get up!” Cox said at one point in the clip. Police replied, “I can’t hear you.”

Despite his repeated calls for help, officers only checked on Randy Cox after four minutes. Footage shows several officers berated him to get out of the van upon arriving at the police station. He was forcefully removed after another three minutes and placed on the ground to have his feet shackled. He was unable to move, as he is now paralyzed from the chest down. He is currently in intensive care.

“Mr. Cox was mistreated,” said New Haven’s Assistant Police Chief Karl Jacobson. “He should’ve received medical attention immediately. We can’t defend anything that was released.”

The five officers involved in the arrest and the treatment Cox was subjected to have been placed on paid leave, and an investigation has been launched.

Cox has been charged with weapons possession and currently has a court date scheduled for July 21. However, his sister Latoya Boomer told the New York Times he can currently only respond to yes or no questions. She said the family remains “hopeful, but not optimistic” for a full recovery. 

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