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By Victor Omondi

The CDC has issued a fresh eviction prohibition for the majority of the United States until October 3rd.

As the Biden administration sought to allay growing criticism from progressives that it was enabling vulnerable renters to lose their homes during a pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention imposed a fresh eviction moratorium that would continue until October 3.

Because the Delta strain of the coronavirus has and continues to spread like wildfire and states have been hesitant to release federal rental assistance, the prohibition announced Tuesday could allow millions of people stay in their homes. It’d put a temporary halt to evictions in counties with “substantial and high levels” of viral transmissions, covering 90% of the United States’ population.

The announcement marked a U-turn for the Biden administration, which had previously let an earlier embargo to expire over the weekend after claiming that a Supreme Court order barred an extension. This shattered a long-standing schism between the White House and progressive Democrats, who demanded that the administration do more to prevent 3.6 million Americans from losing their homes as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Biden said he pressed the CDC to reconsider its options in a speech at the White House on Tuesday. However, he expressed doubts about the new moratorium’s ability to withstand constitutional challenges, saying he’d sought expert advice on whether the legislation would be approved by the Supreme Court.

It’s uncertain how the court will react to the new embargo, but it may give local jurisdictions more time to disperse the $45 billion in rental aid that Congress has set aside. By the end of June, only about $3 billion had made its way to homes.

“This is a huge relief for millions of people who were on the verge of losing their homes and, with them, their ability to stay safe throughout the pandemic,” said Diane Yentel, President of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. “President Biden’s courageous action and leadership at this time of crisis will save lives and alleviate immense suffering.”

Rep. Maxine Waters, the influential chairperson of the House Financial Services Committee, thanked Biden for listening and pressing the CDC to act! “This moratorium extension is the lifeline that so many families have been waiting for,” he said.

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