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“While REVOLT does receive advertising revenue from GM, our relationship is not an example of success,” Diddy wrote in his piece. “Instead, REVOLT, just like other Black-owned media companies, fights for crumbs while GM makes billions of dollars every year from the Black community.”

Diddy went on to argue that “no longer can Corporate America manipulate our community into believing that incremental progress is acceptable action,” and said GM’s behavior is a symptom of a larger problem.

“In 2019, brands spent $239 billion on advertising,” Diddy wrote. “Less than 1% of that was invested in Black-owned media companies… It’s disrespectful that the same community that represents 14% of the population and spends over $1.4 trillion annually is still the most economically undervalued and underserved at every level. To repeat, $1.4 TRILLION ANNUALLY! The Almighty Black Dollar!”

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