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Do Black votes matter? In this episode, a look at black voters and representation. We will review the troubling history of black voter enfranchisement and the ongoing efforts to suppress the black vote. We’ll look at the ebb and flow of voting rights victories and setbacks. Also what are we voting for? To what extent do the choices we have on the ballot actually reflect the interest of black voters? All that begging the obvious question…Should black people vote?

Table of Contents:

00:46 – Introduction
01:23 – Black Male Enfranchisement
02:57 – “Era of Disenfranchisement”
07:52 – Voting Rights Act of 1965
09:32 – Voting Rights Act Dismantled
10:41 – Voting and Political Theory — Why are Black Voters Democrats?
19:52 – Question of the Day

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