The Justice Department has asked the Supreme Court to reject Donald Trump’s request to allow a special master to review classified documents seized by the FBI from his Mar-a-Lago estate in August. The DOJ argued Trump has no “plausible” claims of ownership over the materials and that a review by the special master could imperil national security.
In other news from the Supreme Court, justices on Tuesday declined to review a case that would determine whether a fetus has constitutional rights. The so-called fetal personhood case was brought by a Catholic group and two pregnant women who were seeking to sue on behalf of the women’s fetuses.
In another case Tuesday, the Supreme Court reversed a lower court ruling which allowed for the counting of undated mail-in ballots in a Pennsylvania election for county judge. The decision will not reverse the results of the 2021 judicial election, which was won by Democrat Zachary Cohen, but could prove significant in future challenges related to undated ballots.

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