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In Iran, police have arrested a mother and daughter after a viral video showed a man attacking them for not covering their hair in public in the northeastern city of Shandiz. The video shows the man confronting the two women as they wait in line at a shop. The man, who was also later arrested, appears to shout, then pours what appears to be a tub of yogurt over their heads. The women have since been charged with “committing a forbidden act” and flouting Iran’s dress code, which requires women to wear a hijab. On Saturday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi reiterated that women must always wear the hijab, calling it a “religious necessity.” The order came even as millions of Iranian women and girls continue to routinely ignore the requirement, especially in Iran’s big cities. This is Melika, a 16-year-old in Tehran.

Melika: “You can’t throw a tub of yogurt on a woman’s head and think you did something great and to guide someone in the right direction. It’s that person’s business. She wanted to dress like that, and she dressed however she wanted. It’s no one’s business.”

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