Homeless Encampment Photo by Cazzie Burns

A housing project in Skid Row that officials say will be the largest homeless housing development in Los Angeles history broke ground today.

The Weingart Towers, which will include a 19-story high-rise at 555- 561 S. Crocker St. and a 12-story high-rise at 554-562 S. San Pedro St., will offer a total of 382 units to people experiencing homelessness. The development will offer more than three times the number of units in the second largest development funded by Proposition HHH, a ballot initiative passed in November 2016 to use $1.2 billion to build 10,000 units for homeless Angelenos.

“Weingart Towers embodies everything we promised to Angelenos when they said `yes’ on Prop HHH and empowered us to build these comprehensive solutions to homelessness,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said. “This development is a clear marker of how far we’ve come in our mission to deliver the high-quality, permanent supportive units that unhoused Angelenos urgently need and deserve — and is an extraordinary example of the type of project that will make real progress in this crisis.” The first phase of the project, constructing the tower on Crocker Street, will cost $160 million — $32 million of which comes from Proposition HHH — and is expected to be complete in 2023. Forty of the 278 units will be
reserved for veterans, and all residents will receive supportive services.


“Weingart Tower 1 is a fulfillment of the promise we made to our unhoused neighbors to provide more places that they can call home,” Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas said. “Homes end homelessness, and every Angeleno has a right to a roof, not a sidewalk or park bench. This tower is a great example of how the county and city of Los Angeles can work together to provide quality housing. If we wish to address the homeless and housing crises in Los Angeles, we must continue to collaborate and build more and more projects like this one in every corner of our city.’

Homeless encampment (file photo)

The second tower, which is expected to begin construction in the summer of 2022, will include 104 units and is funded through $16 million from Proposition HHH. Along with Proposition HHH funding, the development received funding from the Los Angeles County Development Corporation, Pacific Western Bank, an Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities grant from the state of California, and 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credit Equity.

The project will receive Section 8 Project Based Vouchers from Housing Authority of Los Angeles and Housing and Urban Development Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers.“Thanks to all of the hard work of so many partners, this project will become a lifeline to individuals who have been struggling to survive,” said Councilman Kevin De Leon, who represents the Skid Row area.

“With 278 permanent supportive housing apartments, hundreds of unhoused Angelenos in Skid Row will get a chance to rebuild their lives and pursue their hopes and aspirations. I remain excited about what this project means for putting a roof over the heads of so many people who deserve it and I really look forward to the ribbon cutting that awaits us,” he added.

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