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Posted October 16, 2021 from Daily Kos

Tragic discovery of a missing Black woman’s body in Huntsville.

Christina Nance, 29, who was reported missing 2 weeks ago, was found dead inside a police van parked outside the law enforcement offices in Huntsville, Alabama. Now, her family is demanding answers.

— Lance Cooper (@lmauricecpr) October 14, 2021

From BlackEnterprise:

A family is left heartbroken and demanding answers after the body of 29-year-old Christina Nance was found inside of an unused police van in Alabama.

On Monday, Nance’s body was identified after a police officer found it outside the Huntsville Public Safety Complex while walking past an old, unused police van on Thursday, AI reports. Police didn’t notice any visible signs of trauma to the body or foul play.

Now, it’s up to an autopsy report to determine exactly how Nance died.

“The official cause of death will be determined pending the completion of the autopsy and toxicology reports,” a police statement said. “The results of the toxicology analysis and other additional studies can take several months to complete, and they will be finalized by a state medical examiner.”

The Independent:

Local media reports state that Ms Nance was discovered at around 9.15am on Thursday outside the Huntsville Public Safety Complex.

WAFF48 (local television) 

WAFF sat down with Christina’s family to learn more about what happened to her.

“She was just very positive, fun-loving and caring person, very sweet, very sweet,” said Christina’s sister Whitney Nance.

”She was fun to be around, real sweet, innocent,” said Christina’s cousin Amanda Mastin.

”We have no idea how she ended up there out of all places, why there out of all places, why there,” added Nance.

The family reported Christina missing about two weeks ago and has been frantically searching for her.

The Madison County Coroner performed an autopsy and found “no foul play.”

Missing Black, brown, and native women and girls go relatively unnoticed, seldom receiving more than a passing comment in local media.

That must change.

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