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More arrests have been made in connection with last week’s assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. Christian Emmanuel Sanon is accused of working with the masterminds who plotted the killing, after flying into Haiti on a private jet. He is believed to be a Haitian-born, Florida-based doctor. Police say he planned to assume the presidency and use the men involved in the killing as part of his security team. Haiti’s police chief said his forces are working with Colombian officials. So far, 26 Colombians, including former soldiers, are suspected of being involved in the killing; 18 of them have been arrested, along with three Haitians. The arrested Colombians were reportedly recruited by a Miami-area security firm called CTU Security. Five suspects remain at large. Two Haitian Americans who were arrested last week claim to have been acting as interpreters. The U.S. said it is sending senior FBI and DHS officials to Port-au-Prince, but has so far denied requests to send troops to Haiti. Meanwhile, unrest is growing in Haiti amid the political turmoil and the worsening economic crisis.

Prophete Elyse: “Politicians are fighting amongst themselves. Each one is claiming power. Since 1804, the country has a leadership problem. The leaders never think of the people. They always use the people to defend their own interests.”

Haiti is also struggling to contain the coronavirus pandemic as the country has yet to see a single vaccine.

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