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Two law enforcement officers have been charged over the killing of a man in Atlanta who was shot 76 times during an arrest attempt.

Jamarion Robinson, 26, was hit dozens of times by police as 16 officers broke down the door and raided his girlfriend’s home in 2016.

The incident took place because police officers believed the former college football player was responsible for pointing a gun at Atlanta officers and fleeing.

Eric Heinze, an assistant chief inspector with the US Marshal’s Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, and Kristopher Hutchens, a Clayton County police officer working with the task force, have now been charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, burglary, making false statements and violation of oath by a public officer.

The US Marshals Service has said that the officers were trying to serve warrants on Mr Robinson issued by Atlanta police and Gwinnett County police.

Officials say there was no body camera video of the killing as at the time federal policy prevented US Marshals or police assisting them to wear the equipment, which is now commonplace.

Mr Robinson’s family say that he was suffering from mental illness when he was killed.

“Over 90 rounds were fired at my son, flash-bang grenades were thrown at him, landed on him, burning him. Somebody walked up the stairs, stood over him, and shot down into his body two more times. After that he was handcuffed and drug down a flight of stairs,” his mother, Monteria Robinson, said in 2020.

And she added: “My son’s body is all the bodycam you need. I wake up every day with anxiety. I’ve been in fight mode ever since my son was killed. I want closure.”

The case in Fulton County, Georgia, was delayed multiple times because of the pandemic.

Fulton County District Attorney has promised quicker action in police shooting cases but declined to comment on the indictment on Tuesday evening.

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