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In this world pregnancy and childbirth are the two most precious experiences that only a woman has the access to. The whole process from pregnancy to delivery is very critical yet memorable. There are the majority of women who don’t have any problem in the whole journey but there is some percentage who are suffering from many pregnancy-related issues.  

Pregnancy Complications Are More With Black And Hispanic Women

The report released by the U.S, that the pregnancy and childbirth complications with a very high rate and severeness happen more to the black and Hispanic population women. If we compare it to white women, the health and pregnancy complications are lower. The death rate of black women is even 3 times more than white.

The report was released on Thursday by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association who did a study from the data from maternal morbidities in 2020. They found that over 63% of maternity morbidities are higher in black women than white, and in the Hispanic community, women had 33% more than white.

In 2018 – 2020 this rate is increased by 9% especially with Hispanic pregnant women with 19%. This study found that women aged over 35 are more prone to these severe pregnancy complications, but in the case of the black and Hispanic community the age limit is below 35, they experience more complications at such a young age. 

The CEO and president of Blue Cross Shield Association Kim Keck said this issue is a very important and dangerous issue for the maternal health of the country, this is very unconscionable that because of color women face such a high risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications. We have to ensure this with the health authors across the country, that this issue should be resolved as soon as possible.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, severe maternal issues and complications include unexpected labor which eventually leads to premature delivery of the baby and some short and long-term health complications suffered by both baby and mother. Some common maternal complications are gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, Hypertension, postpartum cardiomyopathy, fibroids, and sometimes even heart disease. 

According to a survey on around 750 women who gave birth last year, who are on a combination of medic insurance, no insurance. The black mothers have only 62% of prenatal visits where the white mother 82% have visited gynaec and Hispanic mothers have 72% of visits.

Non-racism is practiced everywhere but yet we can’t be sure that black mothers are lacking financial support and even have to face racism. A study was done by New York hospital, which states that educational qualifications don’t matter as black women are more educated and white women have only a high school diploma.

A report came from the CDC, about how the maternal health of American mothers is worsening and the rate of death due to childbirth complications increases to 15% in 2019. When covid hits the world the percentage also increases due to lack of care given to the covid virus-infected mothers.

The government is working with all health institutions to make some improvisation and make some policy on health care of pregnant women, especially back and Hispanic said Dr. Emily Petersen, a medical officer of the reproductive health department at CDC.

Most of the hospitals have already implemented such a system in which they will give special training for handling pregnant mothers of all different kinds of communities. Peterson added that the doctors and other caregiving staff should only focus on the mother’s and women’s health rather than on their backgrounds. 

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