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There’s no doubt that slavery is wrong and America’s enslavement of black people was a horrible crime. So was the indentured servitude of Irish people and the exploitation of many pioneers in America’s history.

Whereas now San Francisco wants to give huge money to any permanent black residents to say sorry for what happened in slavery and try to pay it back.

California wasn’t even a slaveholding state, but San Francisco wants to make up for what happened anyway and give massive reparations to black residents and forgive all their debts.

The payout being pushed by the reparations advisory group is $5 million to every single permanent African American resident of San Francisco and full forgiveness of any debt they owe. Yes, seriously.

What’s Behind This?

The idea behind reparations is you pay the descendants of slaves and those affected by slavery to make up for what was stolen: years of work, property rights, and basic opportunity.

The concept is that lack of basic rights for black people led to generational poverty and disadvantages which the rest of society should now pay for in order to foster equality.

California never had “chattel slavery” as the committee that wants these reparations observes. However, the reparations committee claims past “white supremacy” and “systematic” racism need to be paid for.

The city of SF has long treated black people unfairly, according to the committee, and over-policed them for “decades.” That should now be paid back in full by other taxpayers.

Everyone eligible should therefore get a flat fee of $5 million to pay for the evil done to their ancestors.

SF to pay each Black $5 million plus payments for 250 years! now that’s a plan!

— Michael Savage (@ASavageNation) January 16, 2023

Who Would Be Eligible?

If the committee manages to move forward into passing a motion via city council, the rules they’ve established are quite extensive.

Basically, however, you would have to be black, over 18, and have records of where you lived for at least the past 13 years.

You could also be eligible if you are a black person over 18 who has been to jail for drug offenses or are the “direct descendant” of a black person who went to jail for drug offenses in SF.

The committee doesn’t only want a lump sum paid out, either. They want lower-income black people to have their salary automatically boosted to a minimum of $97,000 per year for the next 250 years. Minimum.

$5 million lump sum to certain categories of longtime black SF residents is just the beginning.

Proposal of committee studying reparations also recommends supplementing income to match the city’s $97,000 median income for the next…250 years…

— Wesley Yang (@wesyang) January 17, 2023

Paying People For Being Black

San Francisco’s black Mayor London Breed doesn’t look ready to pass this; although it has been submitted to the city and she is clearly sympathetic to it.

Nonetheless, some form of reparations is becoming an increasingly popular idea politically. Reparations for slavery are currently being pushed forward at the federal level in the House, as well by members of the Democrat Party.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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