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About 130 children a year are arrested in schools, found an analysis by USA TODAY. Out of the three children they profiled, one of them was Kaia Rolle who was arrested at six years old. Though USA TODAY reported Black boys were more likely to be arrested than Black girls, there is a discussion to be had about the intersectional conflicts Black girls are exposed to before they finish elementary school.

A survey by Education Week showed more teachers were in favor of police officers in schools, yet this aids the statistic that Black children are arrested at higher rates than their counterparts, according to USA TODAY. It was also reported that data from the National Center for Education Statistics found about 50,000 officers are employed at schools around the country.

Additionally, USA TODAY shared a report from the American Civil Liberties Union that arrests at schools with police occurred at 3.5 times higher rate than schools without officers.


At the same time, millions of students attend schools without counselors, nurses, social workers or psychologists.

But Revels has had extensive training on working with children, while many school resource officers do not. Thirty-eight states and territories either require school officers to have specialized training, encourage it or have policies not compelled by law, according to 2019 numbers compiled by the National Association of State Boards of Education. The remaining states don’t address it.

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SOURCE: The Root, Kalyn Womack

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