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Florida state lawmakers on Wednesday approved the creation of a first-of-its-kind elections “police force”. Democrats and voting rights advocates sounded alarm over the plan, which could see people being fined or jailed for things that were commonly accepted until a recent voter suppression bill became law, such as gathering ballots at churches and community centers before dropping them off at an official election site or drop box.
Meanwhile Texas election workers have flagged over 27,000 mail ballots for possible rejection from the March 1 primary. Although the final count of rejected ballots will be lower, the preliminary number shows the unprecedented impact of new voter suppression laws on Texas elections.
In more voting news, Colorado county official Tina Peters was indicted on ten counts Wednesday as part of a vote-tampering investigation linked to the 2020 election. She’s accused of leaking sensitive voting machine data. Peters is a pro-Trump Republican currently running as a candidate for Colorado secretary of state.

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