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In Canada, a judge dismissed a challenge by the Trudeau administration to a ruling that found the government underfunded First Nations children’s services. The Canadian government was ordered to pay billions in compensation to the affected children, many of whom were forced into foster care as they had to leave their homes to access government services.
This comes as Canada marked its first-ever National Day of Truth and Reconciliation Thursday in honor of the lost children and survivors of government- and church-run schools for Indigenous children. Gatherings took place across Canada, including in Toronto.

Ieniente Cook: “Every single day, all of us are just fighting to get our culture back, and it was unfair of us to lose it. … We should be living our lives on our reservations and on our land and getting our land back. And it’s hard seeing all these people just protesting something like this, a genocide. We’re protesting a genocide, and it’s emotional, very emotional.”

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