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The victim was shot in 2015 by a North Charleston officer while trying to run from a traffic stop over a broken brake light

The family of Walter Scott wants him to be remembered during national conversations surrounding victims of law enforcement violence. 

Scott, 50, was shot April 4, 2015 by North Charleston officer Michael Slager while trying to run from a traffic stop, theGrio reported. The case inflamed the national debate about how Blacks are treated by police officers after a video recorded by a bystander showed Slager firing eight shots as Scott fled from his vehicle. 

Seven years after Scott’s death, when media pundits talk about the victims of police brutality, Walter Scott’s name is seldom mentioned. The site where he was killed still lacks a memorial, something the victim’s relatives and local activists are still upset about. 

Photo: Walter Scott via Legal Defense Fund

“Sometimes it’s upsetting,” said Anthony Scott, Scott’s brother, as reported by the Post and Courier. “But we know that he was chosen…He was chosen for the time to bring about change. So now, that’s what we’re going to see: change.”

Slager was fired following his arrest for the killing of Scott and charged with murder after the cellphone video of the shooting was released to the public.

Before the video came out, Slager told investigators that Scott tried to grab his gun and Taser. However, prosecutor Scarlett Wilson said Scott was running away and the only time Slager could be seen running was to go back, pick up the Taser and then drop it by Scott’s body. 

In May 2017, Slager pleaded guilty in federal court to civil rights violations and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. 

Anthony Scott uses his brother’s case to help bring about change within the North Charleston Police Department. This includes monthly meetings with new officers who watch footage of Scott being shot by Slager.

Anthony is part of the city’s recently formed Police and Community Committee, per the report. He also leads discussions about cultural and systemic change within the department and unpacks what it means to protect and serve the community as police officers. 

Walter Scott, a 50-year-old Black man, was murdered #OTD in 2015 by a North Charleston police officer during a routine traffic stop. 

We honor his life, and will continue to fight for police accountability legislation.

— Legal Defense Fund (@NAACP_LDF) April 4, 2022

“They’ll ask him questions about how close was he and Walter,” Police Chief Reggie Burgess said of the young recruits. “They ask: ‘How do you deal with it every night? How do you come here and work with us?’”

Burgess said Scott’s relationship with the department has been essential. 

“Anywhere we can learn, we’re going to those people, or go to that place to get that information, so we can be better,” he said.

Jerry Waldrop owns the lot where Scott was killed and suggested a memorial be placed in front of city hall. 

“Right in front of city hall — a big ol’ statue,” Waldrop said. “That’s the police station. They should put it right there for all the police to see every time they go to work.”

The city of North Charleston has reportedly made no effort to create a memorial at the Craig Road site where Scott was killed by police. 

In 2015, the North Charleston City Council approved a $6.5 million settlement with Scott’s family in a 10-0 vote.

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