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George Brown College is committed to addressing anti-Black racism on our campuses and beyond, and we plan to formally commit to actions outlined in the Scarborough Charter a document that lays out concrete steps for colleges and universities across Canada to combat racism and promote Black inclusion. 

On November 18, George Brown College President Dr. Gervan Fearon will attend a virtual signing of the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education, joining more than 30 post-secondary institutions across Canada.  

Members of the George Brown College community can register to attend the charter signing.  

The charter outlines the following principles with action items assigned to each: 

“As Canadians, we share the hope of building an inclusive society with institutions that empower all individuals to contribute to their own betterment and to the prosperity of their communities and society at large. The Scarborough Charter speaks to this shared value. It challenges us to think about our own response and role in contributing to an exemplary society that, through its effort and practices, inspires the next generation and the world,” Fearon said. 

“In this respect, the Scarborough Charter is an opportunity for us all to explore our own perspectives, while recognizing our part in a shared possibility of a prosperous and inclusive society.” 

The creation of the charter began in October 2020, when representatives from colleges and universities across Canada came together to discuss anti-Black racism and to develop actions to combat it. Institutional partners across the country worked together to draft the charter and to provide opportunities for feedback and consultation. 

Anti-Racism Actions at George Brown College 

George Brown continues to promote honest and challenging discussions about anti-Black racism and to develop ways to take action. The Anti-Racism and Equity Advisory Committee provides guidance on anti-racism practices and diversity throughout the college. And the Office of Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights Services is currently reviewing the Anti-Racism Strategy and has consulted with groups from across the college.  

Learn more on the Anti-Racism at George Brown College page

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