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“This has been a hard-fought battle, and no one, single bill will end abortion in our state,” Oklahoma state Sen. Julie Daniels, who co-authored two of those bills, said in a statement when they reached Stitt’s desk. “But each of these measures represents one more step in our journey to defend the sanctity of life.”

“Governor Stitt signed into law radical and unconstitutional measures that will only be thrown out in court,” she said. “He is wasting taxpayer money and violating Oklahoman’s privacy. The people of Oklahoma would be better served by government officials improving health care access for Oklahomans.” 

“Roe vs. Wade, number one, is not a law of the land,” Rep. Todd Russ, another co-author of the Oklahoma bills, said in March. “It’s an opinion of a non-elected body of Supreme Court justices that gave an opinion many, many years ago,” he continued, comparing it to the Supreme Court once upholding segregation in an 1896 ruling. 

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