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By Ryan Steal

A white man wishes he didn’t call the police after he saw a Black man inside a building under construction. That Black man was Ahmaud Arbery, and that act led to Arbery’s death.

Back in February 2020, Matthew Albenze was busy splitting wood outside his house in Brunswick. He saw a man entering his neighbor’s house that hadn’t been finished. Albenze suspected that the man was a robber because the homeowner had shown him a CCTV video of a Black man walking the empty house at night.

Because of the footage, the homeowner remained always on watch because he had seen several people enter his house and thought that they were stealing the electric pieces of equipment. Albenze quickly walked into his house, drew his pistol, and called the police through the non-emergency number. He said he didn’t call the emergency number because, after assessing the situation, he concluded that it wasn’t an emergency.

According to 11 Alive News, Albenze confessed that he felt responsible for everything that happened that day. The Black man had just been looking around, according to Albenze.

“I thought maybe if he hadn’t [seen Albenze], he wouldn’t have run away — I don’t know,” Albenze said.

Defense attorney, Bob Rubin, replied, “And that still weighs heavy on your heart.”

When the dispatchers arrived at the home, Albenze told them that the Black man had run away. During a court hearing, Albenze wasn’t sure why Arbery ran away but suspected that he’d seen him. The Black man was gunned down by a father and son who were chasing after him.

Besides Albenze, three other white people from the neighborhood are charged in connection with the death of the 25-year-old. Greg McMichael and his son Travis McMichael chased down Arbery and shot him because they suspected he was involved in several other burglary incidents.

William “Roddie” Bryan has also been charged for hitting Arbery with his truck. He captured the killing on video. A Nov. 5 trial stated that Arbery was killed by Travis and Greg while he was jogging around the neighborhood.

This was a “21st Century lynching” according to civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton.

Larry English, the homeowner, said he’d seen Arbery roaming around his property but he didn’t steal anything.

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