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MC: And we’ll continue seeing that happen even more recently where people have made a joke or posted a meme and it’s origins were in Black Twitter and people will jump on them and say, you have to give credit where credit is due there.

JP: Right. So I think one of my favorite memes that’s come out of Black Twitter it’s, this you? Where people are sort of checking other folks and saying, hey, we started this, this is ours. It’s tough though, I mean, in some ways I’m glad that Black Twitter exists in a sort of entity that it does because I think without it, it’d be harder to document all the things that we created online, right? And all the things that we continue to create, right? And so one thing that Andre Brock was saying how Black Twitter in itself is kind of like a living archive, right? It’s constantly being updated and it’s constantly growing, right? It’s sort of a library of Congress but for Black folks online in a way, right?

MC: All right. Well, you can read more about the history of Black Twitter in Jason Parham awesome oral history. Part three is up now, it’s a three-part series, you can read the whole thing on It is also on the cover of WIRED magazine in September with an amazing painting illustration, beautiful cover so check it out. We’re going to take a break right now and when we come back we will have our recommendations.

MC: Also Giancarlo Esposito was Buggin Out.

JP: Yes. His iconic role, one of his earliest iconic roles. He’s been in everything.

MC: He has been, he’s amazing. I got to check that out.

LG: And so if there are only nine episodes, do they manage to wrap it up nicely in nine episodes or does it kind of end at a cliffhanger and then you’re waiting to see if it gets renewed for second season?

JP: No, I think they thought they would have a season two because of how it ends but I don’t think you’d be mad with the ending. I think it does feel like a full show but I kind of do want a season two. I don’t know if it’s going to happen but I mean, with the streaming these days who knows that somebody might pick it up, but.

MC: Yeah.

LG: Well maybe now that you’ve recommended on Gadget Lab they might hear this and renew it. Also, I think you’re the first person to come on the show and make a Cinemax recommendation, so.

MC: Oh, no, no, no, we talked about The Knick a lot back when that was dying, that was a Cinemax show, wasn’t it?

LG: Oh, OK.

JP: Well, I have two other Cinemax, The Knick was all time favorite top three show, I’d die for that show, that’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life.

MC: It’s so good.

JP: This other Cinemax show that a friend recently recommended, I just started this week, called Warrior. It’s a Chinese Western about these sort of Chinese gangs in 1860 San Francisco. It’s really cool, some of the coolest fighting I’ve ever seen and I just started, it’s really fun.

MC: That’s a fantastic show. And yeah, it’s pulpy. Lauren, what’s your recommendation?

LG: My recommendation is a podcast on a podcast, going meta here, I recommend that folks check out the July 28th episode of The Daily which is the New York Times daily news podcast. It’s about the saga of Congress’s January 6th investigation. So it’s hosted by Michael Barbaro of course, and it features New York Times reporter Luke Broadwater. Some of you may have seen earlier this week the emotional testimonies from a handful of officers who protected the Capitol on that day, January 6th, they’re really hard to watch and listen to because the officers detail the amount of violence and aggression and in some cases racist slurs that they were confronted with by this angry mob.

And this podcast episode is really about, kind of fast forwards now to how the House committee that’s looking into this attack is not really the body that people wanted to look into it but the whole event has just become so politicized with members of the GOP being in lock step with Donald Trump or plotting for 2022 that even though it’s generally recognized that he helped radicalize some of the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol that day, there’s a resistance to investigating it. So it’s a really interesting episode, 100 percent worth a listen.

MC: Nice. The Daily, never heard of it.

LG: Yeah. It’s The New York Times‘ daily news podcast. So actually I should say, “Hmm. Interesting you’ve never heard of it.”

MC: Thanks for the recommendation.

LG: Mike, what’s your recommendation?

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