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Are you looking for the latest Black News and information curated from around the web? At African Elements, our goal is to provide the most relevant news and information possible from the US and the African diaspora. With news articles curated from across the web updated daily, we want to make sure you stay informed of the most important news stories of the day. Check out our website daily for the most up-to-date headlines!

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An illustrative landscape image depicting the scales of justice against a sunset backdrop on a Mississippi street. On one scale, a police badge; on the other, a squad car, symbolizing the delicate balance between law enforcement and the need for accountability.

A Teen’s Life Lost: The Urgent Call for Police Reform in Kadarius Smith’s Memory

Scales of Justice: The Urgent Call for Police Accountability in Kadarius Smith's Memory A teen's life tragically cut short in ...
A 24-year-old Black man, Derrick Clark Jr., stands beside his car, confused and fearful, during a dusk traffic stop in Oregon. Two police officers, appearing stern and authoritative, confront him. The environment is suburban, with street lights beginning to glow, casting long shadows and adding a dramatic tone. The police car's lights flash brightly in the background, highlighting the tense moment before a tragic chase begins.

Justice in the Shadows: The Derrick Clark Jr. Story

A police encounter with Derrick Clark Jr. led to a brief chase and his fatal shooting Unseen justice calls for ...
A cinematic photorealistic image of a courtroom scene capturing the emotional release as a Black exoneree's innocence is officially declared. The image shows the exoneree, their family, and supporters reacting with a mix of relief and joy. A judge's gavel is captured in mid-strike, symbolizing the finality of justice served, while the courtroom is bathed in light, reflecting the truth and justice revealed.

Reforming Justice: A Stand Against Racial Bias and Wrongful Convictions

A Moment of Liberation: The Courtroom's Declaration of Innocence A deeper look into the fight against racial disparities and wrongful ...
A cinematic photograph of the discovery of mass graves in the Libiyan desert.

Crossing the Desert and Sea: Libya’s Migration Crisis Demands Action

A mass grave in Libya's desert holds at least 65 migrants' bodies. Tragedy strikes as mass grave reveals the harsh ...
A cinematic photorealistic image in landscape format depicting a symbolic legislative environment in Alabama. Prominently displayed on a table are documents labeled 'Voting Assistance Bill' and 'DEI Ban Bill,' casting long shadows in a dimly lit, solemn room. The tense atmosphere is heavy with the weight of history, reflecting the serious implications of the legislative actions.

Alabama’s New Laws Stir Nationwide Debate on Voting and Inclusivity

Legislative Shadows: Alabama's Bills Cast a Solemn Pall Alabama takes a hard turn with new bills. By Darius Spearman (africanelements) ...
Close-up of a Black woman sitting in a dimly lit room, looking weary yet determined. She is in front of her open laptop with scattered notes around, symbolizing the heavy burden of academic stress. The focused lighting highlights her contemplation and the physical and mental toll of her academic journey, representing the intersection of dedication and health challenges faced by Black women in higher education.

Black Women’s Struggle in Academia

A Moment of Reflection: The Silent Struggle of Black Women in Academia An in-depth look at the hurdles Black women ...
A cinematic photorealistic image of an interrogation room scene from the 1980s. An African American man, embodying Jackie Wilson, is depicted with intense emotional distress yet showing resilience. He faces two white officers, representing the interrogators, in a dimly lit room with a stark overhead light casting harsh shadows. The atmosphere is tense and oppressive, highlighting the brutal interrogation tactics of the Chicago Police Department under Jon Burge, with physical restraints visible on a table, emphasizing the man's strength and determination against injustice.

Systemic Reform Spotlight: The Case of Jackie Wilson’s Wrongful Conviction

The Intense Interrogation: Resilience in the Face of Brutality Unveiling the truth behind a wrongful conviction: Jackie Wilson's 36-year fight ...
A split-scene image showing a tense courtroom on one side, with ACLU representatives presenting arguments against no-knock warrants, and a community rally outside on the other side. The indoor scene depicts a focused group of advocates engaging with lawmakers, while the outdoor scene shows a diverse crowd of activists holding signs supporting Breonna's Law, symbolizing the connection between legal advocacy and public activism for racial justice and police reform.

Breonna Taylor: A Catalyst for Nationwide Police Accountability

Legal Advocacy Meets Public Activism: The Fight Against No-Knock Warrants From Tragedy to Activism: The National Movement Inspired by Breonna ...
A symbolic and vibrant illustration captures the heart-wrenching story of a Black transgender woman's tragic death in Florida, highlighting the ongoing violence and discrimination faced by the transgender community, particularly transgender women of color. The image portrays her silhouette with angel wings, signifying resilience and the fight for justice. Captured with a digital camera and macro lens, the photograph showcases intricate details, inviting us to delve into the complexities of her experience. Illuminated with vibrant and empowering colors, the lighting amplifies her story and calls for awareness and change.

Haiti’s Tipping Point: The Rise of Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier

A Voice in the Silence: Warning Echoes Through Port-au-Prince. Jimmy 'Barbecue' Chérizier: From Police Officer to Haiti's Most Wanted Leader ...
A cinematic photorealistic image of an empty, dimly lit room with a single spotlight shining down on an empty chair. The walls are adorned with abstract representations of community support and understanding, such as softly glowing outlines of hands holding each other and interlocking puzzle pieces, symbolizing the autistic community. The atmosphere is somber, evoking a sense of loss and reflection on the tragic event and its broader implications.

Bold Shift: Ending Police-Only Crisis Calls

Solitary Chair Spotlight: A Symbolic Image Emphasizing Mental Health Advocacy and Autistic Community Solidarity A new approach is needed to ...
A group of students from various ethnic backgrounds working together on racial equality projects in a collaborative environment. They are surrounded by educational materials on racial history, emphasizing teamwork and shared learning in a well-lit library or study area.

Debunking Myths: The Positive Impact of Anti-Racism Education

Unity in Diversity: Students Collaborate on Racial Equality Projects Unveiling the truth behind anti-racism education and its positive impact on ...
A cinematic photorealistic scene inside a classroom where an NAACP-led educational session on the Black Policy Agenda is unfolding. The classroom is dramatically lit, emphasizing the depth and textures of the setting, with a digital board displaying 'NAACP: Black Policy Agenda' in bold letters, serving as the focal point. Students of diverse backgrounds are deeply engaged, with one standing to pose a question, symbolizing active participation. The instructor, a figure of authority and encouragement, leads the session. This image captures the essence of education as a transformative tool, with the NAACP's mission driving advocacy and societal change.

“Action, Not Words:” NAACP Demands from Politicians

NAACP at the Forefront: Shaping Futures Through the Black Policy Agenda. Empowering Black Voices: NAACP's Agenda for Justice, Equity, and ...