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Are you looking for the latest Black News and information curated from around the web? At African Elements, our goal is to provide the most relevant news and information possible from the US and the African diaspora. With news articles curated from across the web updated daily, we want to make sure you stay informed of the most important news stories of the day. Check out our website daily for the most up-to-date headlines!

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"A diverse group of female athletes at a press conference, speaking to a crowd of journalists about the impact of media and sponsorship biases on gender pay disparities in sports.

Equal Play, Equal Pay: Tackling Inequality in Professional Sports

Voices for Change: Female Athletes Speak Out on Pay Disparity at a Press Conference Unveiling the Dual Impact of Race ...
A diverse group of professionals, including African American, Asian, and Caucasian experts, actively discussing and strategizing over documents and digital presentations in a modern, well-lit conference room setting, emphasizing a collaborative and serious approach to health policy improvements.

How Policy Reforms Can Harness Genomic Medicine for All

Strategizing for Inclusive Health: Experts Collaborate on Policy Enhancements at a Health Conference Unlocking Health Equity: How Genomic Insights Transform ...
A diverse group of stakeholders, including African women, engaged in a policy discussion around a roundtable in a conference room, with visual aids like charts and laptops visible, emphasizing collaboration and determination to improve gender equality in agriculture.

Economic Impacts of Gender Inequality in African Agrifood Systems

Stakeholders Discuss Gender Equality in Agrifood: A roundtable meeting with diverse participants focuses on enhancing gender equality in the agricultural ...
A cinematically photorealistic image of an open book on a table, with the pages intricately shaped to form the Caribbean islands. The setting includes a subtle backdrop of a library, highlighting the literary depth and heritage of Maryse Condé.

Celebrating Maryse Condé: A Titan of Post-Colonial Literature

Literary Roots and Global Reach - An open book with pages creatively shaped into the Caribbean islands, symbolizing Maryse Condé's ...
A diverse group of community members at a candlelight vigil in Akron, holding candles with somber expressions in the evening, expressing solidarity and grief for Tavion Koonce-Williams.

Community Outrage in Akron: Seeking Accountability After Police Shoot Teen

Community Unity: A Candlelight Vigil in Akron for Tavion Koonce-Williams Unpacking the Immediate Fallout and Urgent Calls for Justice After ...
An image depicting a road sign with two diverging paths against a backdrop of a sunrise, symbolizing the choice beyond the traditional two-party system. The words 'Beyond Two Choices' are prominently displayed in bold lettering at the bottom of the image, highlighting the emergence of new political alternatives and the hope for a diverse, inclusive future.

Pioneering Diversity in Politics: The West-Abdullah Presidential Campaign

Choosing a New Path: The Dawn of Political Diversity Transforming Politics: Cornel West and Melina Abdullah Unite for Change and ...
A bipartisan group of lawmakers, including Black women, stands together on the steps of a government building, holding the signed Protect Black Women and Girls Act document, under a clear sky symbolizing hope and new beginnings.

Empowering Black Women in the South: The BSWC’s Crusade

Lawmakers Unite to Celebrate the Passage of the Protect Black Women and Girls Act Elevating Voices and Fostering Change By ...
An abstract image depicting diverse hands forming a circle of unity and support around a globe focused on Africa, symbolizing international solidarity, cooperation, and a collective commitment to preventing atrocities and fostering a hopeful future.

30 Years Later: Rwanda’s Unyielding Spirit Prevails

Unity in Action: Global Hands of Solidarity Over Africa Commemorating 30 Years Since the Rwandan Genocide: A Reflection on Global ...
A cinematic photorealistic image of a public debate on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Speakers from varied backgrounds are seen passionately exchanging views in a respectful manner. The diverse audience listens attentively in a large hall, reflecting a broad spectrum of society. The scene emphasizes the importance of dialogue and the exchange of ideas to address complex societal issues.

The Struggle Over Diversity in American Education

Engaging Debate: Diverse Voices Discuss DEI. Exploring the Divide Around DEI Initiatives By Darius Spearman (africanelements) Support African Elements at ...
The facade of the African Cultural Centre "Fernando Ortiz" in Santiago de Cuba, adorned with vibrant art reflecting African heritage, illuminated by the warm glow of the golden hour.

Heritage Reclaimed: Africa in the Americas Conference

The African Cultural Centre "Fernando Ortiz" basks in the golden hour light, its facade a vibrant testament to African heritage ...
This image poignantly captures a moment of tension between security personnel and a Black subway rider. The surrounding commuters' expressions range from concern to disinterest, reflecting the complexity of public reactions to increased surveillance and its disproportionate impact on minority communities.

Military Deployment in NYC Subways: Safety or Surveillance?

Under Watchful Eyes: The Emotional Weight of Security Measures. Exploring community-driven solutions for a safer, more inclusive subway experience. By ...
Cinematic image of a courtroom scene with Sir Maejor Page at the defendant's table under a spotlight, surrounded by legal documents and a laptop showing the Black Lives Matter logo, with a somber audience and a judge in the background, emphasizing the trial's gravity.

Sir Maejor Page Scandal: The Misuse of BLM Donations Exposed

Courtroom drama unfolds as Sir Maejor Page faces charges in a high-profile scamming case involving Black Lives Matter supporters, symbolizing ...