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A diverse group of panelists and students engaged in a lively discussion in a modern auditorium. The projector screen in the background displays 'AP African American Studies' and 'Empowerment And Opportunity', symbolizing the event's focus on inclusive education and cultural understanding.
An enlightening panel discussion at Wakefield High School explores the depths of AP African American Studies fostering empowerment and opportunity in education

Groundbreaking panel at Wakefield High explores AP African-American Studies, bridging education and cultural understanding.

By Darius Spearman (africanelements)

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Arlington, VA – The Coalition for Empowerment & Opportunity (CEO) presents an insightful panel discussion on the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) African-American Studies curriculum. Scheduled for Monday, February 5, 2024, from 6 to 8 p.m., the event will take place at Wakefield High School (Gazette Leader).
Moreover, the CEO, dedicated to empowering youth of color, will facilitate this panel (CEO). Panelists include AP African-American Studies Development Committee members and students currently engaged with the course.
This curriculum, an innovative exploration of African American history and culture, draws from various fields like history and literature. It emphasizes engagement with primary sources for a deeper understanding of African American experiences (College Board)
Furthermore, over 300 professors from more than 200 colleges, including historically Black colleges and universities, contributed to the curriculum’s development. This collaboration ensured a broad consensus on essential historical and cultural topics (College Board).
Additionally, the event at Wakefield High School will feature student performances, an art showcase, and an exhibit by the Black Heritage Museum of Arlington. An African-American culinary experience will also be part of the evening (Gazette Leader).
In conclusion, this event represents a significant step towards inclusive and comprehensive American history and culture education. It aims to shape future generations’ perspectives through dialogue on the importance of African American studies.

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About the author:

Darius Spearman is a Professor of Black Studies at San Diego City College, where he has been pursuing his love of teaching since 2007. He is the author of several books, including Between The Color Lines: A History of African Americans on the California Frontier Through 1890. You can visit Darius online at