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WASHINGTON DC JANUARY 13 White House Public Engagement Advisor Keisha Lance Bottoms speaks a press briefing at the White House on January 13 2023 in Washington DC Bottoms spoke on the Presidents upcoming visit to the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia for a Martin Luther King Jr service Photo by Kevin DietschGetty Images

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Unveils Game-Changing Plan for Affordable Living in Atlanta


Atlanta mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, is shaking things up with her new One Atlanta Housing Affordability Action Plan. We’re talking a whopping $1 billion in public and private funds to create or preserve 20,000 affordable units by 2026. This is a big deal, especially when you consider the widening gap between skyrocketing rents and stagnant wages in the city.

The One Atlanta Housing Affordability Action Plan: An Overview

This isn’t just a plan; it’s a 43-page manifesto aimed at tackling Atlanta’s housing crisis head-on. It’s got everything from zoning changes to developer incentives and even a housing innovation lab. This is a comprehensive approach to affordable housing that could change the game for Atlanta residents.

Key Policy Proposals

  • Zoning Changes
  • Developer Incentives
  • Housing Innovation Lab

This plan could be a game-changer, especially for communities of color who have been historically marginalized by housing policies.

The Financial Blueprint: Where is the Money Coming From?

Let’s talk dollars and cents. The plan aims to pool $1 billion from both public and private sectors. But where exactly is this money coming from? Bonds? Taxes? The plan is still a bit hazy on the details, and critics are quick to point that out.

Financing Methods

  • Potential Future Housing Bonds
  • Public and Private Sector Contributions

Zoning and Building Codes: Flexibility for the Future

The plan proposes some radical changes to zoning and building codes. Imagine more unique multi-family housing and streamlined construction processes. This could be a win-win for both developers and residents.

Zoning Changes

  • Expansion of Inclusionary Zoning
  • Allowing Second Units on Properties

These zoning changes could be a step towards economic justice for Black workers.

The Role of the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA)

The AHA isn’t just sitting on the sidelines. They’re looking to redevelop 300 acres of former housing projects into mixed communities. But it’s not all smooth sailing; they’ve got their share of challenges, including leadership issues and lawsuits.

AHA’s Challenges

  • Leadership Turmoil
  • Lawsuits

Criticisms and Concerns: Is the Plan Feasible?

Not everyone’s sold on this plan. Critics argue it’s short on details and could take too long to implement. There’s also concern about how it would fare during economic downturns and the potential for displacing longtime residents.


  • Lack of Detail
  • Potential for Displacement

The Road Ahead: Next Steps and Legislative Hurdles

This plan isn’t a done deal. It’s got to jump through some legislative hoops and win support from city, state, and federal agencies. Plus, local businesses, developers, and nonprofits need to get on board.

Next Steps

  • Legislative Approval
  • Garnering Support


The One Atlanta Housing Affordability Action Plan could be a game-changer. It’s got the potential to reshape Atlanta’s housing landscape and make the city more inclusive. But it’s going to take a village to make this happen. So, Atlanta, are you in?